6 reasons why your business phone is failing

In many cases telephony or another form of communication and work go hand in hand often there are 6 reasons why your business phone is failing. Whether you have contact with colleagues via chat, via Teams or via calling with a landline or mobile phone. In this article I will take you through how you can make your telephone system work together with your work environment. No matter where you work! This way you can combine business telephony with hybrid working.

Tool to collaborate with

The first thing you need is a tool or environment that allows you to work from home as well as in the office. The past two years have shown again that it doesn’t matter where you work, as long as you have the right resources. At hello, we work entirely within the Microsoft Teams environment. Also known as the online workplace. all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Take care of business telephony

With your own virtual telephone exchange in the cloud, you have a lot of functionalities at your disposal. Professional selection menus, customer-friendly queuing systems, telephone switchboard functions, fixed link to mobile, chats, videos and conference calls. Important for the accessibility, customer-friendliness, productivity and professionalization of your company.

Do you want to make calls but don’t want to be tied to a landline? You can also call via Teams. In that case you do not need a fixed telephone. You can call landlines all over the world via your computer. Because you simply send out a landline number, they do not see that you are calling via the computer.

hallo, Softphone

A very nice addition to business telephony is calling with a softphone ! You use your smartphone for all your incoming and outgoing calls. You choose whether you use your landline or mobile number. This way you are accessible everywhere and no longer tied to a fixed workplace.

  • Available everywhere, including on your landline number;
  • Professional appearance;
  • Easy to set up call forwarding to your colleague or office voicemail.
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