7 Fool-Proof Ways to Retain Customers and Build Loyalty

It’s no secret that businesses need customers to survive. Ironically, it’s also no secret that many businesses are terrible at retaining their customers. In fact, according to Bain & Company, a staggering 60-80% of customers are lost due to poor customer service. Not only that, but acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5-25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Simply put, businesses need to do a better job at holding onto their customers if they want to stay afloat. 

So how can you retain your customers and build loyalty? You’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a list of 7 fool-proof ways to do just that. 

1. Get personal

No one likes feeling like a faceless entity, least of all your customers. People want to know that there’s a real person on the other end of the line, so avoid automated messages whenever possible. If you absolutely must use them, make sure there’s an option to speak with a live person. And always use polite language—no one wants to be addressed as “user” or “customer #1234”. 

2. Offer discounts… sparingly

There’s nothing wrong with offering discounts and promotions to your loyal customers—in fact, it can be a great way to show your appreciation. Just be careful not to do it too often, or you run the risk of devaluing your product or service in your customers’ eyes. Instead of offering discounts willy-nilly, save them for special occasions like holidays or anniversaries. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and you won’t have to worry about devaluing your brand. Everyone wins!

3. Make it easy for them to reach you… without going insane yourself

In today’s digital age, there are myriad ways for customers to get in touch with businesses—phone calls, emails, social media, live chat… the list goes on and on. It can be tempting to try and be everywhere at once in an effort to never miss a customer inquiry, but trying to keep up with every single platform is a recipe for burnout (not to mention it’s pretty much impossible). Do some research and figure out which platforms your target demographic is most active on, then focus your efforts there. You don’t have to be present on every single platform; just make sure you’re present on the ones that matter most. 

4. Solve their problems… before they even have them

Nobody likes experiencing problems with a product or service they paid good money for—but everyone appreciates excellent customer service when things do go wrong. If something does go wrong, do whatever you can to make it right as quickly as possible; if you handle the situation well, you may even end up with a customer for life. But why wait for something bad to happen before swooping in with amazing customer service? Anticipate your customers’ needs and take steps proactively instead of reactively whenever possible; not only will this build customer loyalty, but it might just prevent some headaches down the line. 

5. Get (and stay) organized

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying unsuccessfully to communicate with a disorganized business—trust us, we know from experience! If you want happy customers (and who doesn’t?), then you need HappyArgs systematize everything from sales funnel automationto lead capture forms ,so nothing falls through the cracks… including your precious customers! Stay organized and keep tabs on every aspect of your business so you can ensure each and every customer has the best possible experience dealing with you—from start to finish (and beyond). 

6. Make It Easy For Them To Do Business With You: 

Nobody likes dealing with red tape—least of all your customers! Make it easy for them to do business with you by streamlining your processes and eliminating anything that gets in their way. For example, if you run an online store, make sure your checkout process is as smooth as possible. Or if you have a brick-and-mortar location, make sure it’s easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. The easier it is for them to do business with you, the more likely they are tp become loyal customers.

7. Keep Them Informed: 

Your customers should always be in the loop when it comes to changes at your company. Whether you’re introducing a new product or updating your privacy policy, make sure your customers are the first to know. You can inform them via email, social media, or even good old-fashioned snail mail. And don’t forget to keep an open line of communication—encourage your customers to reach out if they ever have any questions or concerns.


Customer loyalty is essential for any business that wants to stay afloat—and yet many businesses are terrible at retaining their customers . The good news is , there are several fool – proof ways businesses can holding onto their existing customer base . By following these 7 tips , businesses of all shapes and sizes can show their appreciation for their loyal patrons … and keep them coming back for more .

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