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Customer story Stichting Sint Jacob

"These improvements in the network have ensured that sint Jacob dares to rely on the ICT partner again"




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Sint Jacob is a residential centre and offers tailor-made care to the elderly. More than 800 staff and 450 volunteers provide care and services to approximately 720 clients out of 8 Locations. A growing organization that needs a growing network.

The challenges

Three years ago, the network no longer matched the needs: failures, too little capacity, with a too low download and upload speed and there were problems with the number of devices on the network could be connected. It was clear that this growing organization and an online network that did not grows with it no longer fit together. There was also a need for an (online) system with which you can easily request client data and where colleagues can communicate with each other without connection problems. Ronald van Rossum, ICT manager of Saint Jacob, had the task of bringing this mission to a successful conclusion.

Reliable network

Sint Jacob was looking for an alternative after one of the locations had problems with the network. There were malfunctions and therefore frustrations among the employees who had to guarantee care with all kinds of technical detours. hallo, was the ICT partner for business mobile subscriptions at Sint Jacob and installed a business internet connection next to the existing line (which was managed by another party). As a result, they still had the old familiar - but not optimally functioning - connection and a alternative for support and comparison. The network became stable and gave more capacity, making it healthcare staff always had access to the necessary care data. The other locations followed fast. "We are not a large department, in addition to me there are three system administrators on 800 to 900 employees. You then have to look for a certain click you want with a partner From that situation, the relationship and the improvements in the network have for it ensured that people at Sint Jacob dares to rely on the ICT partner." Ronald van Rossum, ICT manager at Stichting Sint Jacob

Access to data is crucial

The ICT employees of Sint Jacob must ensure a streamlined connection between the locations and in addition, ensure that all employees have access to the right data online. For every industry, staff must be able to work safely and carefree with confidence in the standard data connections. Especially in healthcare, where the importance of, for example, a care call system is great (residents can ask for help with 1 push of a button), one should not have to think about technology can work. The communication to the employees must work perfectly in order to be able to provide the best service offer. To avoid having to take cumbersome, technical routes, you need to look for the solution that the best fit for your organization. In three years' time, a reliable network has been established, which means we can look foreward to the future.

The future: better collaboration and communication

The corona months provide the necessary challenges within and between the locations. A number of online workplaces set up for employees. hallo, facilitated a live streaming event based on Teams so that close family and friends of the residents could be there. The need to improve the business processes and having data accessible online everywhere became even more important due to this situation. The mobile park of 800 smart devices was switched to access this data anywhere easier to make. In the past, employees still walked with multiple devices in their pockets. They had a beeper, a mobile and all data had to be entered on a fixed computer. With the arrival of smart devices are a thing of the past. Mutual communication, calling, alarms and client data are now available on one device. Sint Jacob is now working with hallo, migrating the entire organization to a full Office-365 environment. This allows employees to collaborate and communicate online anywhere, within but also between the locations and departments. In a year and a half, Saint Jacob hopes to have said goodbye to 2 data centers and to have fully migrated. From the new Cloud environment, we have to look at what is needed on the work floor. A well-functioning work application or, for example, personal, smart devices. For all these possibilities, a good technical basis is needed, so that no one will be faced with unexpected surprises. In the end, it's about satisfied users and a safe environment.