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Customer story Vivan Accountants

"We attach great importance to good communication, sufficient knowledge and unburdening our organization. Exactly as we do with our entrepreneurs."




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In a new online environment meet modern requirements

Vivan is a full-service accounting firm for SMEs. Entrepreneurs can at Vivan, among other things, for accountancy, tax advice, payroll administration and (business) legal advice. Vivan sees here the unburdening of the entrepreneur as the primary task. With three branches in Emmeloord, Urk and Kampen the company hopes to be close to the entrepreneur with short lines of communication.

Challenge in communication

Vivan was part of Kab accountants. In 2011, these three branches continued independently. Ad van der Maarel is one of the three partners and responsible for the branch in Kampen. He has been with Vivan from the very beginning concerned. Up to and including 2015, there was still cooperation with the then automation company. This cooperation did not go as smoothly as hoped. From Van der Maarel: ,,We ran into a certain rigidity in communication. Something which no longer suited our new organization at all." At that moment, Van der Maarel came into contact with the account manager of hallo, and there was immediately the good click back and forth. ,,Exactly because of that click we then opted for a new partner. Certainly in view of the future. We attach great importance to good communication, sufficient knowledge of business and unburdening our organization, exactly as we do with our entrepreneurs do." The three branches in Urk, Emmeloord and Kampen are interdependent connected. Colleagues must be able to reach each other easily and also data and customer information must be shared quickly and securely. "You have to see it as one location, but with three locations," says Van der Maarel. "We attach great importance to good communication, sufficient knowledge and unburdening our organization. Exactly as we do with our entrepreneurs." – Ad van der Maarel, Vivan Accountants

Step by step to the cloud

In 2011, the accounting firm was still working in an on-premise environment. On-premise means locally installed software that runs on the computers of the users. This solution continuously requires substantial investments in time and money to remain flexible and to be able to work safely. There was the challenge. Despite the outdated hardware, the entire environment had to be up-to-date and just keep running. All applications had to continue to work properly. The first step in the new collaboration was a transition to a co-location. A company still has its own servers, but will these be hosted by a third party, in this case hallo, is in fact the prelude to the cloud and it is a logical step. Many companies opt for co-location as security for the continuity of the hardware and systems. Advanced technology ensures the best conditions within a data center, so that servers can continue to run continuously and securely. Now Vivan is on the verge of a new migration to the cloud service of Azure. More and more Microsoft services are being added. Microsoft Azure is part of the modern online workplace. Easy access to applications, business data and other applications are important today. It makes a company more flexible and responding to changes becomes easier. This choice for Microsoft Azure also ensures that technical employees can focus again on the added value of ICT for the company. The system now helps to achieve objectives instead of that it causes problems.

Safety is key

For an accounting firm like Vivan, working in the cloud become a must. And for several reasons. To name just one, sharing securely of files with people inside and outside the organization. These files are when working in the cloud always up-to-date. Whether an employee is at home, on the train or sits in one of the three offices and does so on a mobile, tablet or computer; it is safe and it is always the most recent data that is worked with. Van de Maarel: "In the new environment, we meet modern requirements again. These are steps we like to take together."