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Customer story Uniglobe THL Travel

"Before and during the move to the cloud, hallo, guided everything well. They have given our employees instructions on how to work online. Even after the transition, they supported us well and provided aftercare"




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Uniglobe THL Travel

THL Travel is part of the global Uniglobe network and provides business travel for the SMEs. The workplaces and servers on location no longer meet the changing working environment. Especially the use and sharing of large files as well as access to data remotely ensures delays and frustrations. Both functionally and cost-wise, a move to the cloud came as the best forward. Digital entrepreneurship that brings clear added value.

The challenges

When working on large files, there was often a delay. Especially the group tours and events department of THL Travel works a lot with large files. These files had to be both internally and externally regularly shared with colleagues and customers. The own server was there at the time at the office in Almere. The colleagues in Alkmaar also had to connect with that. This caused slower internet. Even if colleagues sometimes wanted to log in to the working environment, this did not always work. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) had to be logged in. With a VPN you create a secure connection to your work environment. But if employees via a public WiFi channel (e.g. in a restaurant or hotel) were connected, the connection could to the working environment. This was not safe enough. In the past, THL Travel had one IT specialist for all Uniglobe branches. This IT specialist was also responsible for IT at all other Uniglobe franchisees, a total of just under 30 in the Netherlands at the time. This no longer worked efficiently for the growing THL Travel. In case of problems or wishes, immediate help and advice was desired.

First map everything out properly

Because of these issues, THL Travel knocked on the door of hallo, asking how this could be solved. hallo has therefore made an analysis for THL Travel. Among other things, it listed which hardware and software was now in-house, and how they would like to work. What would be the best solution? What works the fastest? What is the most financially attractive?

Flexibility of the online workplace was the deciding factor

Both functionally and cost-wise, a move to the cloud emerged as the best. The flexibility offered by the online workplace was the main argument for moving to the cloud step. Employees of THL Travel are no longer bound to a fixed workplace. Files are now always accessible to them. As long as there is internet available and the employees have a laptop or have smartphone with you. Also, the staff no longer experience any delays when with large files are being worked on. The large files of the group travel and event department are now stored online, in a central place. This place is for all employees of this department always quick to reach. Collaborating on the same file is more efficient. Anyone can easily get the latest version without having to send files back and forth again and again. In addition, sharing files with clients has become easier and faster.

Adoption and guidance important

hallo, took care of this switch, by implementing new software and taking care of it of the move to the online workplace environment During the switch, the hallo, specialist instructions to the employees of THL Travel. By working with the employees to sit down to show the most important changes in the new way of working. And by pointing out the benefits of the new way of working. This resulted in a smooth transition to the online workplace.

AZ stadium collapsed

The flexibility of the online workplace came in handy in 2019. THL's Alkmaar office Travel is located in the AFAS stadium. Right under the roof that collapsed in 2019 due to the strong wind. Suddenly the office was no longer accessible. It had to be moved to a temporary office on the other side of the stadium. hallo, has new, temporary workplaces very quickly at the time installed and secure internet installed. Within 1 weekend the new workplaces were up again & running and everyone had access to the work environment again. If THL Travel hadn't had an online workspace at that time, there was a serious problem arise. Access to files and e-mail would have been temporarily impossible.

Work and connect with Microsoft Teams

Even during the corona crisis, it was very convenient that people were already working online and remotely could be. At the beginning of this crisis, Microsoft Teams became everywhere in a few days Implemented. It was also explained to the employees how Teams worked. This is how THL Travel stood very quickly digitally connected to each other. All colleagues could continue their work in a normal way at home or somewhere else. Fortunately everyone at home had the only ingredients needed to access work files and email A working internet connection and a laptop. This allowed all attention to be returned quickly go out to the customers of THL Travel.