User management

Porting Spanish numbers

Porting involves moving telephone numbers between different operators. This article explains porting in general and how to port in and out. If you have.

My Overview

My Overview is a dashboard within the PBX tab in our softphone which shows you an overview of your queues.

Call widgets

The call widget function is used to display more information about a call. You can also use it to open.


Co-listening can be utilised by users who have the additional service CC Pro‍. Both the person who listens in and the person.

Additional services

Additional services are managed by admins, if you are not an administrator in hallo, then you need to contact an administrator.

Activate pause profiles in the softphone

To create a pause profile, an admin needs to add CC Pro to the users. You can do this through Additional Services. When added,.

Onboarding mail

When you create new user‍, you get the choice of sending out an onboarding mail with information on how to get started.

Subadmin / Visibility

With the subadmin functionality and groups feature you manage who and what and administrator can see and administrate. The setting.

Grey-listed call destinations

We are using a greylist to limit calls to and from some countries with a certain prefix. The greylist is.

CC Pro

CC Pro is an additional service‍ that is still undergoing updates, but here is some information about the functionalities that CC.

Manage your data package

If you want to manage the data package at your company, you have to log in to the admin portal..

Profiles for admins

One of the most important functionalities in hallo, is profiles. How can you use profiles, and for what? To show.

Account and login

Account and login can be found under section Users in the Admin portal. The main thing you can do under Account and login is to.

Removing a user

You can remove a user through our admin portal. You can then navigate to Users > Account and login‍. Then you select the.

Adding a new user

How do you add a new user in hallo,? Admins can do this via the admin portal. Here are the steps.