Additional services

Additional services are managed by admins, if you are not an administrator in hallo, then you need to contact an administrator that can manage your additional services. Additional services can be added on users with either a Fixed or Mobile license. Users with a Free license can not use additional services. Additional services can be added when a user is created, or it can be administered to existing users by navigating to Users > Additional Services in the admin portal. The additional services available are as follows:

CC Pro

Used for extended statistics and queue functionality. Read more about the CC Pro features here.‍

CRM Integration

This service is needed to get full access to our various integrations. Read more about our integrations on this page.

Flatrate Calls to EU

Calls to EU / EEA deduct from the user's 3 000 free outgoing call minutes (does not apply to roaming).

Recorded Calls

The user's calls are recorded. Keep in mind that the user needs the right to be able to listen to their own recorded calls. There is also a user right for accessing all recorded calls.


Operator is a program for telephony operators, which is used to pick up and forward calls. If a user has this additional service, they can use the Operator program.

Twin card (available for Mobile licenses only)

Twin card is an extra physical SIM card that shares the mobile data which the user has on their regular SIM card. This SIM card is

Mobile data (available for Mobile licenses only)

With the additional service mobile data, you decide how much mobile data a user has per month. The various options available are 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, 50GB and 100GB. The mobile data package can be adjusted later as well.

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