On-hook waiting

On-hook waiting is an additional service you can add to your hunt groups. On-hook waiting means that the person calling can leave their phone number and choose to get a callback instead of waiting in the queue.

To activate on-hook waiting on a queue, all members of the queue need to have the CC Pro‍ add-on. on hook waiting pagina. When you click on the menu and decide to activate on-hook waiting, you will be presented with the feature settings. on hook waiting 2
  • How often should the sound be played back?

This decides how often the caller will hear the message that they can get a call back instead of waiting in the queue.
  • Position in hunt group

How many callers there should be in the queue before you get offered a callback instead.
  • Offer on-hook waiting to other callers

Here you can choose between three alternatives. If you pick option two or three, you will set how many seconds it will take before the caller is offered a callback.
  • Caller ID for redial

If you want to show a different number than your queue number when you make the callback, you can change it here. When it comes to the actual callback, you can administrate the settings in a couple of different ways, depending on how you want it to work. on hook waiting 3
  • The agent's time is precious

This setting decides when the caller will get the callback. As in the picture, the caller will get a callback when placed third or lower. This number is changeable.
  • The customer's time is precious

The caller will reserve its place in the queue and will get their callback when the call has traveled to the front of the queue.
  • Sound for the caller

When it's time for the caller to get their callback, the agent in the queue will get a call, and the chosen sound will be played. Then the callback will begin.

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