How to set up WhatsApp Business?

What are the benefits of whatsapp for business?

Do you already purchase business telephony from us? Then you know that your accessibility is extremely important. You’ve noticed that in recent years, the way customers contact you has changed. Telephony remains, but a chat message is quickly used for a short question. This can be done via chat on your website or via mobile phone. The latter is ideal for companies! Why? Your customer always has his or her (business) mobile phone in his or her pocket!

Whatsapp with your business phone number

Chat with your business phone number

You can use your business phone number with WhatsApp for Business. This is in contrast to WhatsApp for individuals, where you can only use your personal 06 number. This way you only have to communicate one telephone number with your customers, which makes it clear for them again. A number on which you can be reached by telephone, but also via the channel that your customers probably already use on a daily basis.

A low-threshold and accessible solution to promote your customer contact.

Manage WhatsApp chats via your browser

Manage WhatsApp chats via your browser

No more hassle with sending chat messages via your mobile phone. This is especially difficult when a lot of messages come in. You quickly lose the overview on a small screen. It is now also possible to manage all chats in your browser and app on your computer! Handy, because you have an overview of all your incoming messages. What is also very nice about this function is that you can chat using your keyboard.

With Whatsapp for Business all colleagues can answer questions

Is your organization active in, for example, real estate and does it often happen that someone has appointments outside the office? All colleagues can install Whatsapp Business on their mobile or pc! In short, not only you answer the questions of customers, your entire Team!

You can also easily share images and/or videos with each other via WhatsApp business.

Automatic message when you are closed

Set up an out of office message when you can’t answer your customers. This way your customers know when to expect a message. You can also set a greeting to introduce your customers to your business.

There is a good chance that you will receive a lot of the same questions. Set up quick replies for this. That way you don’t have to type the same thing over and over. By simply typing the / sign, the quick answers will appear.

How to set up Whatsapp business?

Now that you know the benefits of WhatsApp for business, let’s quickly get started installing and setting it up!

  1. Setup your telephony account here

Choose the local number you want to use, fill in your name, e-mail, and mobile number.

2. Login in on your telephony account here

Fill in your mobile number (add 0034) and the password which you have chosen.

3. Check the landline number you got

Call the number and check if it is ringing on your mobile phone

4. Download and install Whatsapp Business


5. Start the app and press accept

6. Accept messages

7. Click use a different number

8. Fill in your fixed telephony number

9. Click Yes to confirm your number

10. Click call to get the code and fill in

you will be called on your mobile phone and the code is given

11. The code is verified

12. Click do not restore

13. Setup your profile

Fill in your business name

14. Whatsapp for Business is ready for use!

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