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Wherever the conversation arises – over a mobile, telephone network, or over the internet – the quality and the functions are the same. Stay in touch with colleagues and customers the way you want. It’s your conversation.


Call queues

Create custom call queues. Incoming calls are organized into call queues based on predetermined rules and routed to available agents within the appropriate group. Personalized messages are also available.


Internal Calls / Extensions

Each user, agent, call queue or department has their own personalized number or extension. This will allow you to contact anyone in your company or seamlessly route a call to another agent.


Call Flow Designer

Intelligent call forwarding with predetermined criteria based on your needs and preferences. With our Call Flow Designer feature, you can manage incoming calls coming into the call center step by step.


Customer service schedule

Define your working hours and decide when you are available to receive calls. Outside of these hours, you can choose a special personalized away message, redirect calls to a different phone number or answering machine, or even use various combinations.


Personalized greetings and music

The initial greeting is your first interaction with customers. With Flow, you can create custom greetings that are played to the caller based on specific situations (after business hours, on hold, etc.)


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create your multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) menu to guide the caller through different options. Make sure they always go to the right department, agent or group of agents and that they receive relevant information through personalized messages.

Available telephony integrations

Efficient call distribution

Quickly route calls to the right person. Greater team productivity. Better customer experience.

  • Smarter routing

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and skill-based routing intelligently pairs the customer with the right agent. Saving time, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting productivity.

  • Advanced programmability

    We connect via API to your existing CRM or ERP system and build automated custom flows for call handling, such as: 1. Receive incoming call; 2. make API call to CRM to check if caller’s number belongs to a VIP customer; 3. If true, route call to dedicated account manager.

  • Fully featured

    Callback/on-hook waiting, hunt groups/call queues, sound management, unified mailboxes, blind and attended transfer, call parking, active directory sync, and much much more. A sophisticated PBX solution in one platform.

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A system that grows with your business. Add, remove, or transfer licenses whenever you want. Simple admin. Low cost. No fuss.

Reassign licenses

Assign licenses to new colleagues. Remove them from those who’ve moved on. Quick. Simple.

Easy oversight

Keep track of unused licenses with automatic notifications. No waste. No problem.

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