What is a softphone?

A softphone. Maybe you’ve heard of it. But what is it? What can you do with it? And how do you, as an entrepreneur, benefit from it? We of hallo, explain it to you.

Do you use internet calling (IP telephony)? Then you and your employees can make phone calls in different ways. Via a VoIP device, via your browser or via a softphone. Such a softphone is actually nothing more than a mobile phone, a tablet or a PC on which you install special software. This gives you an app with a ‘dialer’ as you know it from your smartphone: a keyboard with numbers with which you can enter a telephone number. Whether you receive a call on your fixed or mobile number, you answer all calls on one and the same device: your softphone.

What is a softphone

Your advantages as an entrepreneur

The big advantage of using softphones in your company is that you do not have to purchase fixed telephones. That saves on costs. Softphones have all the important functions on board, such as transfer and hold. Moreover, with most softphone apps you can also make face-to-face video calls. From your workplace and on the road.

Working from home from any device and being reachable

If your employees work from home, you also want them to be able to take incoming calls on your company number. And being able to call outgoing with the fixed company number. You can do that job with softphones. Your employees install the application on their mobile, tablet or laptop and are immediately accessible. No investments and quickly arranged.

When do you choose softphones?

Softphones are ideal if your employees are on the road a lot or working from home. They are then always and everywhere accessible to customers. And internal calls with colleagues can easily be made via their shortened dial numbers.

What do you need for calling with softphones?

A good internet connection is enough. You can also use the smartphones, PCs or tablets in your company. Or, for example, your employees’ own smartphones. So you don’t have to buy separate phones for it. If you opt for softphone use via the PC, a headset is useful.

With softphones you are ready for the future

Workstations without a fixed desk telephone. One device with which you and your employees can be reached anytime, anywhere. On both fixed and mobile numbers. With the convenience and professional appearance of softphones, you as an entrepreneur are ready for the future.

Want to use a Softphone directly?

Do you want to know how you can make softphones work optimally for your company and / or do you want to make business calls via the internet? And do you want to ensure that employees are easily accessible from home via the fixed company number?

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