Working at the new office; the benefits.

Working from home at the new office. Just with laptops, smartphones and iPads. We just easily share calendars and download our apps. The normal home situation looks more and more like a workplace. Family life forms around the online agenda. For those who have to do what where and how, there is only one reality; the shared calendar in the cloud. A home workplace is therefore for many a normal addition to the household.

That is where the big advantage lies. Home is closer than ever. For the sake of convenience, let’s take the attic room as a new workplace. If your employer invests in working from home, you have a good office chair, a safe and stable connection (even in the attic) and two screens; you probably lack nothing at home.

There it goes: ‘A day of working from home, the benefits.’:

The morning rush hour

By default, your alarm goes off at half past seven. Your children have to go to school and your partner to work. Spreading sandwiches, brushing teeth, packing bags, it all has to fit in the busy morning rush hour at home. Speaking of morning rush hour, that doesn’t bother you this morning. You log in neatly at a quarter past eight, where you would otherwise have been stuck in traffic for three quarters of an hour. Logging in is a breeze, by the way. Your employer loves security, so you use a secure, reliable VPN connection at home. Again, no traffic jam (NL), but very quickly the right file (EN).

The meeting

After the coffee and the emails, it’s time for a meeting. Online meetings have the great advantage that they are short and to the point. Talking through each other is virtually impossible. Except for the person speaking, often all microphones go out. After the meeting you hang up and you can continue with your work. No distractions, no disruption. It means complete focus. Until you hear that the washing machine is ready, because you also have time for that.


Here all options are open to you. A quick lunch at your computer is one of the possibilities. A lunch while you quickly watch the news or an episode of your favorite series sounds a lot better. Or a lunch with your partner and children, who have come out of work and school at noon respectively. It’s family time at its best. Do you miss the company canteen? Then make sure that you work partly from home and partly from the business.


Sports? During working hours? Of course, a flexible employer gives you the space to do what you like and what gives you energy. This way you can go full steam ahead for the rest of the day. Log in in the evening to make up for the lost hour, we think it is well arranged. It’s not for nothing that they say that remote workers are more productive than the colleagues who have stayed in the office. Absenteeism due to illness is also a lot lower, by the way.

New colleagues

With such a flexible employer as yours, the growth of staff is fine. Many job seekers no longer only look at salary or status. These are secondary conditions to which a great deal of value is attached. Let’s face it, how nice it is to be able to work in complete freedom (check the hello, vacancies here!) Ensuring a good work-life balance. Unfortunately, the new colleague who starts today has something tasty for the colleagues in the office.

End of afternoon

That project you are working on is progressing enormously now that you can continue to work undisturbed. It also really benefits the quality of your work. As a source of information in the office, they always know where to find you, even if the copier crashes. Calling is still a threshold. Often the problem solves itself. A golden middle ground is a message in Teams. You can react when it suits you. If it’s in a hurry, they’ll really find you.


Well, of course, there you are. Two flights of stairs down and the work is forgotten again. You can bring your children to their training or prepare the food. Think about what you would do with all the time you have left.

hallo, home office

We are happy to help you. By partnering with hallo, home workspaces can be custom-designed to ensure maximum productivity. Together we go through all the steps to create workplaces that suit all colleagues. And it doesn’t stop there. With the knowledge and experience that hallo, has built up, we ensure together that in the future the cooperation within your organization will be (and remains) productive and easy. Contact us now and be surprised by the possibilities.

Want to know more?

Do you want to switch to the new way of working where you can really work anytime and anywhere? You can easily do this with the smart online workplace.

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