The benefits of hybrid and cloud working

Due to the mandatory working from home of the past two years, we have seen what the possible benefits of hybrid working are. At many companies, hybrid working and working in the cloud has become the new normal because of this success. Many people have experienced working from home as positive, but it also has a downside. The lack of colleagues, the need for a different environment and there are activities that can simply be done better in the office. But those disadvantages do not outweigh the many advantages of hybrid working. In short, many organizations are extending hybrid working into the future.

How tasty it is. Log in at home after breakfast, check through your mail, meet with your colleagues via Teams, go to the office once or twice a week and hit the road a few times a week for an appointment. This work-life balance is good for the mind and for productivity. Long meetings are exchanged for concise meetings via Teams and the cancellation of the return journey to the office provides seas of extra time. It also appears that a certain degree of responsibility in hybrid working takes over from the colleagues. The boss entrusts you with a home workplace, then you have to offer something in return.


An employer can certainly stimulate this working from home, even after Corona. Among other things, make sure you have a workplace with a good office chair, a large screen and a secure connection. Of course you would like to know what an employee is doing. Therefore, make arrangements to come to the office for a certain number of days. This way everyone enjoys the luxury of working from home and combines this with the cosiness of the office. That’s hybrid working in a nutshell.

This new form of work is not only good for the state of mind, the environment also benefits. With a view to the sustainable society, you as a company are of course happy to contribute.

Fewer kilometres means less petrol. Especially with the current fuel prices, you feel that quite a bit in the wallet.
Fewer traffic jams means less CO2 emissions. Your carbon footprint gets smaller and smaller.
Working from home means less space needed in the office and lower energy consumption.

The sustainable employer. How does that sound? Many younger generations have sustainability high on their list when they start looking for a new job. Another hybrid advantage.

On-premise, hybrid and in the cloud

For the employee, the term hybrid means that you can do your work from home or in the office. But for a company, this working environment also has a technical side. It is a combination of on-premise and a cloud solution.

With on-premise, an organization chooses to run the software and data on its own servers and computers. In most cases, an IT partner helps with security and support. The advantage of this is the control that you as a company keep on security and on implementation. If you still work a lot in the office, then on-premise can be the solution.

If you choose to work in a cloud environment, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of software or servers. It is the most flexible form of working, because upscaling and downscaling is arranged in no time. If you have a smaller company with employees who are on the go a lot, then a cloud solution is a good option.

With a hybrid work environment you take ‘the best of both worlds’. Data is safe in the cloud, but is also available locally at lightning speed. With a hybrid environment, you therefore retain control over many processes. On the other hand, you do have extra safety requirements to meet.

So all in all, there are many advantages of hybrid working.

hallo, opts for hybrid telephony

The choice you make depends entirely on which phase you are in as a company. Hybrid working means being accessible anytime, anywhere. Whether you are in the car, at the office for a day or log in at home; at hallo, we see the importance of secure, reliable connections. Choose the best of both worlds. A telephone exchange at your office in combination with all the advanced functions and services of the cloud. Please contact us. Then we explain how our business telephony solutions can help you towards a hybrid future.

Want to know more?

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