Step-by-step; how to transform the traditional office into the new office in the cloud

It is a good way to clean up, a move. What you don’t want to take is left behind. The other items can be in boxes, glassware and vases extra wrapped with newspapers and the furniture apart and in the truck. A move is done in no time, right? There are even moving companies that arrange everything for you.

You only have to focus on the decoration of your new home. But how does that work when you move with your office? And not to another physical office, but to an office in the cloud. There are many similarities with a ‘standard’ move.

This step-by-step plan ensures a flawless migration to your perfect online environment.

Step 1: Determine your goal and communicate

Migrating to the cloud starts with an idea. The corona time has shown that working online and being accessible anytime and anywhere works so well. One colleague can handle this better than the other. Certain functions and activities also lend themselves better to flexible working than others. There are plenty of questions you need to ask yourself right now. What exactly is my goal? Why does my business need this? Try to make a schedule and put everything in order for yourself. And importantly, communicate! Take your employees along in your online ideas. Then the move becomes a lot more pleasant.

Step 2: What to take with you and what not to take with you

Your office runs on all kinds of systems and applications. But does it all still work properly, do you still use all the programs and is everything still up-to-date? These are things that you and your system administrator (if you have one) should look at. If you want to migrate to the cloud, many applications can grow seamlessly. A modern moving company has the right cloud experts in-house to advise you on this.

Step 3: Choose your provider

Your system administrator (again, if you have one) is probably aware of all the possibilities that the cloud offers. But a cloud expert, you’re not just that. Chances are that he can advise you in choosing a provider. ‘The big three’, AWS (Amazon), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, are obvious. You choose continuity, availability and safety. Your employees will also not notice the large-scale migration.

If you choose a local, well-known, smaller provider, this can result in considerable cost savings. You only pay for what you use and the communication is more accessible and (often) closer.

Step 4: Design

Now it’s the turn of the experts. If you have opted for an online moving company, all your wishes (and those of your employees) will be inventoried. A design is made on this. Think of it as a map of the new environment with all the products and services that you will use after the migration. If all goes well, they will also let you know what results the move will lead to.

Everyone agree? Beautiful. Then the design is converted into the actual design. It ensures that the new cloud environment can receive all the data you want to take with you.

Step 5: The move

The migration is finally here. Your cloud is set up and ready for the future. A good partner knows better than anyone that your employees should be as little bothered as possible by the move to the cloud. Applications that suddenly stop or systems that are no longer accessible; that doesn’t make anyone happy.

A migration therefore takes place outside working hours. No one needs to notice any downtime. In small steps, all data is transferred to the new environment. The next morning, everyone logs in as if nothing had happened.

Step 6: Knowledge

The management of the new environment is different from what people were used to. With training and good documentation, this can be arranged in no time within your company. The ICT employees thus become cloud experts. Are there any questions? Then the moving company is always close by to help.

hallo, move to the cloud

At hallo, we know exactly what you need for the migration of your data. We help you take all the steps we have just described. This way you will never be faced with surprises. So do you have plans to move? Please contact us for advice. We know how important it is to grow with today’s trends and to be ready for what’s to come in the future.

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